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When you are engaged in civil litigation, every advantage you can get works in your favor. One of the most important advantages is having representation that is extremely familiar with the judges in the area, knows the local court rules like the back of their hand, and can employ a strategy that is perfect for your individual situation in every detail. I have 39 years of experience under my belt, and I know how to make the system work for you better than any other attorney in Clearwater, FL.

Planning a winning strategy in civil litigation is no simple job. It requires extensive knowledge and an enormous work ethic that would scare away most attorneys. I am cut from a different cloth than other lawyers practicing civil law. Not only do I know all the strategies, but I also understand how to match them to the right client, and add new twists as need be. I am a strategic attorney who never takes a cookie cutter approach to cases. I take the time to listen intently to you, and that separates me from the rest.

I specialize in civil trials and have helped so many over the years get exactly what they deserve and more. I am a civil rights lawyer with a diverse range of ability to handle most any claim you may have. You deserve an attorney who cannot be taken by surprise regardless of what happens in a lawsuit.

When you are involved in civil litigation in Clearwater, FL the last person the opposing attorney wants to see involved is Samuel R. Hillman Esquire, Attorney At Law. Place yourself in the best possible situation, and get a hold of me today.

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